Why Leaders Should Read Biographies

Biographies are my favorite genre of literature.

I love burrowing my nose in a thick retelling of someone’s life, challenges, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, joys, and sorrows.

While biographies are not only fascinating, they are also challenging. Especially when it comes to stories of great men and women of faith, people like Jim Elliot, Eric Liddell, David Brainerd, Richard Wurmbrand, and many, many others.

But there’s one other reason why I love biographies. It helps gives me the courage to keep pressing forward on the race that God has laid out for me.

“When the servant leader faces conflict and opposition or when she is about to throw in the towel, the story of others who have gone before and faced greater odds and worse afflictions gives her hope to continue on.” C. Gene Wilkes

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  • Cindy Messick March 9, 2012   Reply →

    I have enjoyed a life-loooong love of biographies. It has affected me profoundly. The books, or rather the people in the books, are my mentors… my friends… my Hebrews 11-like cloud of witnesses cheering me on. Thanks for posting this, Aeress.

  • Heiress in Training March 9, 2012   Reply →

    That’s a beautiful example of Hebrews 11, Mrs. Messick!! Thank you for sharing that!

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