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Adventures in Muslim Class

I attended Muslim class a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it was quite the experience.

Before you think I’ve literally lost my religion, I’ll explain.

A pastor friend of ours and his wife have a wonderful ministry to an impoverished community in our area, and as part of their ministry, they are hosting a class on how to reach the Muslim community around us. Teaching the class is a former missionary couple to Tatar Muslims in the Ukraine.

The two hours I spent there were challenging—and eye-opening. I realized just why so many Christians have failed to effectively share their faith with those in the Islamic communities and was encouraged to learn more about how I can help reach them for Christ. Here’s a quick look at a few things that stood out to me:

Don’t Slap Their Faces

The quickest way to build up a wall in the spirit of a Muslim you are trying to reach is to insult their culture. Muslims are very sensitive to the traditions of the past and by making light of their culture, you will shut them off completely to the possibility of developing a relationship with you.

Muslims are peaceful, Islam is not.

The majority of Muslims are peaceful people. However, Islam is not a religion of peace. Fortunately for the rest of the world, most Muslims don’t know the depths of their religion and are what has been termed “nominal” Muslims. They may sound devoted to the old ways of their forefathers, but many of them don’t even regularly attend mosque. (Kind of like Christians that go to church on Christmas and Easter.) Guess what — these are some of the easiest Muslims to reach for Christ!

Muslims can put many Christians to shame when it comes to love and compassion.

The Muslim community is a culture of welcoming love. Muslims treat their acquaintances like most of us Westerners treat our family. Because of their welcoming environment, they are winning converts at an alarming rate. When they say they will take care of you….they really mean it.

Can the same thing be said of us Christians? We are often quick to talk about God’s unconditional love, but we don’t live this love out with the people who are sitting in the pews behind us.

“The neediest person you meet all week may be the one sitting behind you in worship service.” Max Lucado

Witnessing to Muslims takes TIME.

Witnessing to a Muslim is not a one-evening project. Because of their culture of building relationships, you must be willing to build a relationship with them to reach their souls. It’s been said that realistically, it can take about two years to win a Muslim to Christ. If you are serious about reaching them for Christ, be prepared to invest great compassion, great patience, and great love.

Share with Muslims that Jesus is the Word of God.

Muslims are resistant to the concept of Jesus being the Son of God, however, they have a deep respect for the Word of God and consider it to be eternal. Make the connection of Jesus being the Word of God and challenge them to read John 1.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States and as Christians, we can no longer ignore the mission field around us.

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