How to Start Practicing Christian Discipleship

You’re never too young or too old to impact the lives of those around you.

I remember when I was in my early teens how much I looked up to the twenty and thirty year old gals at church. And then suddenly, I woke up one day and realized, “Oh my, I’m now one of them!”

Time certainly flew past and now that I’m older and the roles have flipped a bit, I’m realizing that God has given each of us a unique sphere of influence . . . and we have a God-given responsibility to influence for good those who God has placed in our paths.

Sometimes it’s easy to say that we’re not important enough to have influence over others but that’s not true.

Here’s what D.L. Moody had to say about it:

“God has called us to shine, just as much as Daniel was sent into Babylon to shine. Let no one say that he cannot shine because he has not so much influence as some others may have. What God wants you to do is to use the influence you have. Daniel probably did not have much influence down in Babylon at first, but God soon gave him more because he was faithful and used what he had.”

So how do you get started discipling and influencing others for good? Here are three easy ways to begin:

1. Ask God to bring someone into your life who you can mentor and encourage. It might even be a friend or a sibling.

2. Ask God for strength and wisdom to be a good example. Never attempt to practice discipleship in your own strength. You might be successful in the short term, but you won’t have lasting, eternal success.

3. Be on the lookout for ways that you can help disciple and lead others. If you need a place to start, try leading a Bible study, helping at Vacation Bible School, writing encouraging notes, etc.

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