Book Review: The Chocolate Soldier Heroism-The Lost Chord of Christianity by C.T. Studd

If you have a heart for missions, a passion for leading others to Christ, or just a desire to put your Christianity to practice in your everyday life, this book is for you.

The name intrigued me, but after reading only a few lines, I discovered that the captivating message was even more addictive than chocolate.

Ever since stumbling across some really solid C.T. Studd quotes, I have been wanting to read more of his works. A quick search on Amazon revealed that one of his books was even available for free.

The Chocolate Soldier Heroism-The Lost Chord of Christianity is a wonderful read. It’s short (just 19 pages), but Studd packs quite the spiritual bunch in those less than 2 dozen pages.

My Favorite Quotes from The Chocolate Soldier Heroism-The Lost Chord of Christianity

“He always wins who sides with God.”

“REAL CHRISTIANS REVEL IN DESPERATE VENTURES FOR CHRIST, expecting from God great things and attempting the same with exhilaration.”

“It’s good to have a great heartsearching. It’s better to make a great heart-resolve.”

“God’s real people have always been called fanatics. Jesus was called mad; so was Paul; so was Whitfield, Wesley, Moody, Spurgeon. No one has graduated far in God’s School who has not been paid the compliment of being called a fanatic. We Christians of today are indeed a tepid crew. Had we but half the fire and enthusiasm of the Suffragettes in the past, we would have the world evangelized and Christ back among us in no time. Had we the pluck and heroism of the Flyers, or the men who volunteered for the North or South Polar Expeditions, or for the Great War, or for any ordinary dare-devil enterprise, we could have every soul on earth knowing the name and salvation of Jesus Christ in less than ten years.”

Where to Buy The Chocolate Soldier Heroism-The Lost Chord of Christianity:
The Chocolate Soldier Heroism-The Lost Chord of Christianity – Kindle – Amazon
The Chocolate Soldier – paperback – Amazon

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  • Cindy Messick October 13, 2012   Reply →

    I have been blessed by studying his life, too! Searching for children’s material on his life, I actually ordered a visualized lesson from London’s CEF. Children in India loved his story, esp since he was a famous British cricket player, and they love cricket. So glad you featured this review!

  • Heiress in Training October 13, 2012   Reply →

    That’s awesome to hear, Mrs. Messick!

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