It’s Your Time to Bloom

I love spring. There’s just something special about the months of March & April.

My favorite flowers bloom during these months. I just love, love, LOVE seeing tulips everywhere.

Doesn’t matter to me the color — I just enjoy seeing those beautiful pink, yellow, red, or purple blooms everywhere.

But you know what — it’s not just the tulip’s time to bloom. It’s also our time to bloom.

God is at work all around us and we have to ask ourselves, are we blooming in our Christian life? All around us, there are so many amazing opportunities to serve Him and be His loving hands on earth. And in the soil He’s placed us in, there are nutrients of character just waiting to seep into our souls.

Make the most of the soil God has planted you into. Bloom where He’s planted you. Soak up the life-building rain He is pouring onto you to help you reach your full potential.

Spring has come to your soul . . . and it’s YOUR time to bloom.

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