Stay Away from the Fishing Hole

I just love the Apostle Peter. He’s just so relatable. All throughout the Gospels we see Peter with a heart of gold and his foot headed for his mouth.

Sound familiar? Um, yeah.

But while you or I might have been tempted to give up on Peter, Jesus never did. And He never gives up on us either.

Have you ever felt like Peter in John 21? He knew that Jesus had changed His life, but once the physical presence of Jesus left his side, Peter didn’t know what to do next.

So what did he do? He went “a fishing”. He went back to his old way of life, his old career, his old plans.

Off Peter went a fishing, but instead of finding fish, he encountered the greatest Fisher of Men instead. As usual, Jesus met him, forgave him, and helped dear old Peter get back on track.

How many times are we tempted to be like Peter? Have you entered a dark season of life, when doubts and uncertainty and burdens and trials of life seem overwhelming? It is in these times that we must resist the temptation to go fishing, to go back to the old way, to drift from the life that God has called YOU to live.

Lord, meet us like you met Peter that day on the Sea of Galilee.
We need direction. We need renewal. We need joy. We need YOU.
Help us to meet with you once again.
Forgive us for going fishing when we are tired, weary, and worn.
Help us to forsake the old nets that keep us away from the lives you have called us to live.
We choose to dive out of the lifeboats of our own security.
Help us swim toward the shore to join you.

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