Why I Decided Not to Climb Mount Everest

So many choices. So many ideas. So many passions.

If you are a visionary like me, you never lack for new ideas. There is always some new inspiration, dream, or goal to think about attempting.

Like opening a gluten-free bakery.

Like owning my own Whit’s End.

Like climbing visiting Mt. Everest.

Like traveling around the world.

Dreams and ideas.

Many times they are wonderful. But sometimes these rascals can be dangerously deceptive.

It’s because they are my dreams and my desires, at least for this stage in my life, and not God’s plans. (Though I’m fairly certain that after two ankle surgeries, God doesn’t want me to conquer Everest at any point in my life.

I love what Cary Schmidt says about dreams in his book, Life Quest:

“Don’t follow your dreams. Follow God. His dreams are better, you just don’t know it yet! Commit to Christ. Let your dreams die on the altar of God’s amazing plan. Let desires get in line behind God’s will. Become fanatical. Fixate on God’s will. Let your heart be gripped irreversibly by an obsession to fulfill His unique plan.”

Have a dream? Give it to God. Trust me, if He is in it, He will fulfill it beyond your wildest expectations.

Another lesson that God has been teaching me lately is that my dreams need to be looked at through His eyes, not mine.

A good thing to ask before pursuing anything is this simple question: Will this advance my kingdom or God’s Kingdom?”

The answer to that question may surprise you.

That’s why I’ve decided not to climb Mt. Everest. (Plus, I realized that I only liked the idea behind climbing Everest. Oh, and the fact that I really don’t like temperatures below 50 degrees.)

But we all have real Everests in our lives that we need to give back to God.

It’s time to set those dreams aside because it is only when you place them on God’s altar that you will be able to radically embrace the BEST plans that God has for your life.

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  • Paula Vergara February 7, 2015   Reply →

    Honestly, I think that when you follow your gut, you are following god. You have to do what’s right for you in order to be happy. Sometimes that means you are standing alone, and sometimes, it feels like you are beating your head against a wall. But sometimes, you realize that by following your own dreams and your own gut, you set the example for others to do the same. What’s more gratifying than that?

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