A Simple Test to See if You Love God More

I have seen some funny quotes during this year’s lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Sayings such as “I love you more than chocolate.”

Or “I love you more than coffee, but please don’t make me prove it.”

These brought a smile to my face, but also made me think about my relationship with God.

We tell God that we love Him, but do we really love Him more?

More than our own wills?

More than our own plans?

More than our families?

More than our jobs?

More than our relationships?

More than our dreams?

More than our desires?

More than the approval of others?

It’s easy to say, “Why yes, of course I love God more.” But the true test is whether we are letting these things shape our decisions and actions.

“Anything that effects our decisions besides that of the Glory of God and His Will Alone is an idol.” David Wilkerson

Ouch. When I viewed my list in that perspective, I knew that I had some idols to surrender.

What about you? What is shaping your decisions and actions? Is it God? Or is it something else?

The answer to these questions will truly reveal what you love more in your life on this Valentine’s Day.

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