A Feast for the Soul: Thoughts from Michael Phillips’ Green Hills of Snowdonia Series

One of the reasons why I love Michael Phillips’ books is that after every evening spent in their pages, my mind is not only fed but my soul as well.

This past week I’ve been re-reading the Green Hills of Snowdonia series—From Across the Ancient Waters and The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle.

The plot revolves around an ancient mystery of long-lost pirate gold and secrets long buried in the lives of Lord Snowdon and his family. But the heart of the story centers around the powerful truth of God’s fatherhood and the everlasting love that He has for His children.

By the time I was finished, I had far too many quotes highlighted to share, but I couldn’t resist sharing some of these with you. I hope they encourage your heart and help you embrace even deeper Christ’s love.

michael phillips
On humility:
“Humility is the doorway, my friends. It is the door to all healings, the door that leads to our brethren, the door that leads to our sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and our friends … the door that leads to the heart of God.”

On the loss of a loved one:
“God is immeasurably more the lover of our loved ones than we are. And because He is their Father, He sometimes takes one of His children into His heart before we think it is time.”

On evangelism:
“Those who maintain that the threat of hell is the Christian’s most effective tool for evangelism little understand the deepest rhythms of the human soul. Still less do they understand the heart of the Father of Jesus Christ.”

On spiritual growth:
“God doesn’t care what we have been. He only cares what we are becoming.

On truth:
“Truth can be but an intellectual exercise if it is not empowered by an obedient heart determined to do the right thing.”

On forgiveness:
“Forgiveness always comes with a price. It is a price whose payment deepens the wells of character within the human soul and draws both payer and payee closer to the heart of God. In the case of the latter, however, those results may not easily nor quickly be seen.

On answers to life’s problems:
“. . . the answers to life’s quandaries were to be found in uncomplicated, practical obedience to the words of Jesus.”

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